Wednesday, 7 December 2011


I know you guys have been hitting that refresh button on your Montreal Eats homepage nonstop, anxiously awaiting my next post. ... Maybe you should play outside instead. I just wanted to let you know that in light of FINALS, I will be taking a break from my blogging. Even though I started this blog for my information systems class (holler @MGCR331, #infosystemsrocks) I plan on keeping her going and you should expect some new posts over the Christmas break! In the meantime, feel free to go out there and take risks.. Try out a new greasy eatery without my blessing - and YOU tell ME how it is!
Happy FoodVentures!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Pizza Giovan

Getting back to the original theme of greasy eats, I'd like to talk about a little place that has become a big part of my life. While some people opt for toonie chow or buns as their "late night snack", Pizza Giovan has always been my go-to place. As ashamed as I am to admit it, I know that it's because of its location - its literally right next door to Korovas on St. Laurent. Which means that, since every night out inevitably ends with or somehow includes Korovas (despite anyone's best efforts), Pizza Giovan will always be right there for you. All that fist pumping on the Korova stage making you work up an appetite? Need a bathroom and snack stop before you commit to the sweaty vortex that is the Korova dancefloor? Need something to make you happy after witnessing all the sins taking place on that dancefloor? Pop on over to Pizza Giovans and you're night will be salvaged!

 Pizza Giovan's offers a wide selection of pizza types, some of which stray from the traditional flavours. And even you get the same type of pizza every time you go, every time can be different if you take advantage of their plethora of sauces (hot, garlic, ranch) and spices (chili flakes, garlic powder, mystery mix....). The pizza slices are cheap - but warning: they dont take debit so if you don't have cash you'll have to take out money from the atm which means service fees, and the risk of taking out $60 then forgetting about it and leaving it in the machine (it really happened...)

One of my favourite things about Pizza Giovan is Giovan himself (or the guy whos always working there when I go, who I call Giovan). He's super friendly and will help you out with which sauces to put on your pizza. He'll even let you get behind the counter and make a pizza yourself if it's your birthday! (although he'll yell at you while you're making it then kick you out)
Ellie's getting her some pizza... nom nom!
I definitely recommend that the next time you end up at Korova you give ol' Giovan a visit. Good location, friendly staff, and who knows if the pizza is actually good, but I betcha you'll enjoy it. See you there!

Monday, 21 November 2011


Gotta love when parents come to visit! This past Saturday my dad was in town... which means the perfect time to try out a restaurant that is way out of my price range that I would never have heard of otherwise. Verses Restaurant is located in the Nelligan Hotel in Old Montreal. The website describes it like this: "The finest in French contemporary cuisine. Poetry is brought to mind in the name, in the dishes served, as well as in the subtle yet romantic decor with fireplace, wine cellar and private booths." This description makes it clear that this is one fancy place. So it's a little snooty. All part of the experience! I must admit that I did feel judged by the waiter when i didn't know the Italian name for an obscure root vegetable (had I NEVER been to a shmancy restaurant before?) and just a tad judged by some of the fur-clad customers when I took my coat off myself instead of holding my arms out and letting the hostess do it for me. So maybe this restaurant wasn't what I was used to, but once I was all settled it was a new experience that I thoroughly enjoyed, and could definitely start getting used to. 

I have to say, Verses restaurant (or VERSESRESTAURANT according to the logo) really knows how to do up "class". The waiters, fully in black, effortlessly glide across the floor carrying stacks of dishes. The lighting is so dim around your booth you forget that you are in a large restaurant and that there are others around you. The food comes before you as edible art, and looks almost too pretty to eat. But once you try it, it's so good that you wonder why you have never before tried such an obscure yet perfect combination of foods. We started with foi gras (with a spiced fruit chutney and date and walnut bread) which was a perfect way to get warmed up for the delights to come. Below are the photographs of our main courses, accompanied by the description given on the menu (since they definitely say it right):

Orange glazed and lightly smoked duck breast, served with  grilled spice bread, confit carrots, blackberry sauce

Homemade ravioli stuffed with squash and aged cheddar, topped with black trumpet mushrooms and port reduction.  

If you're parents are around, or you're wheeling someone and want to show them how classy and sophisticated you are, or if you're simply craving some contemporary french food (let's be honest, who isnt always)... then I would definitely recommend trying this restaurant. Linked here is the website, where you can make a reservation online:

Monday, 14 November 2011

Super Sandwich

 Super Sandwiches is not a glamorous place. But it's perfect for those weeks when work is piling up, you spend more time at the library than anywhere else, and your fridge and cupboards are barren because neither you nor your roommates have time to grocery shop. Having fallen victim to these weeks many times in my couple years at McGill, Super Sandwiches is a little home away from home that I am quite familiar with. It is located just a block from campus, in the basement of the Cartier building at Peel and Sherbrooke. While it may look like a regular dep to the untrained eye, anyone who's been there before (or reads this blog) knows that it actually sells delicious, CHEAP sandwiches. These sandwiches aren't anything to write home about - they're quite simple and you don't get to choose from elaborate toppings and sauces like at subway. That being said, they are perfect for what they are and I would (and do) choose them over subway any day. These sandwiches are big, tasty, and cheap. Types include ham and cheese, chicken salad, salami and many others, and prices range from 3.50 to 5 bucks. I find that the bread makes the sandwiches - it's always freshly baked and still warm when they hand you your sandwich in their trademark brown paper bag. To make it a full meal you can add a bag of chips and pop for only $1.75!

Smoked turkey and mustard. At my lowest point, I had this for breakfast.... 

 It's obvious to see why students love this place. This dep, though small and hidden, has generated a lot of interest around Montreal. Here's a link to a McGill Tribune article praising Super Sandwich:
Just a warning: since it is so well loved, there is often a lineup that extends all around the dep at lunchtime. But don't be disheartened by this - the staff are so efficient that I've never waited for more than 5 minutes.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Steak Frites

If you're a foodie, then Steak Frites is the ultimate place to dine. I know this food venture doesn't really classify as "grimy, greasy eats", but it's one of my favourite places so I thought I would share it with you anyways. Sometimes I get tired of being a poor little student who uses the coupons off the back of cereal boxes and strategically cuts the mold off suspect cheese and bagels to scrounge up a meal. The best thing about Steak Frites is that for one night, you can leave that all at the door and just embrace your inner baller. This restaurant really just exudes class - white tablecloths, waiters clad fully in black, exposed wood and concrete all contribute to Steak Frites "urban chic" feel. It's bring your own wine/beer, and to play up your evening as a baller I recommend splurging for wine on the second row at the dep, or choosing a beer that's at least 2 notches classier than PBR. Once you are seated you can look and assess the food choices that are scrawled on the chalkboard walls. They have several options for appetizers, main course meats, desserts, etc. etc. but of course I chose to go for what I would say is the ultimate meal: the steak frites. This comes with salad as a starter, then you can choose one of three delicious sauces for your steak, and unlimited fries. They also had an appealing table d'hote that came with escargot and salad as a starter, a 9oz steak with your choice of sauce (we went for peppercorn), unlimited fries, and your choice of dessert (we chose cheesecake). Now doesn't that just sound like the best combination of foods you could possibly imagine like EVER? And not only does the food sound classy when you're describing it to your friends the next day, but every component is to-die-for delicious. And the best news is that you don't actually have to have dolla billz like a baller, because you get all this for only $36. And if you get the classic steak frites meal alone it'll only set you back $21! Below are some pictures of the steak frites and escargot...
The ultimate meal
 If you haven't yet, I would really recommend giving Steak Frites a shot. It's a great place for a date, or to hang out and with a bunch of friends, or to drink and catch up with visiting parents. If you reside close to McGill, there are two nearby locations you can check out - one in old montreal and another on St. Denis. Here's the link to their webpage for more info:
Happy food ventures!

Friday, 14 October 2011

Chez Jose

Food venture number three: the other day I was taking a stroll in the plateau. I passed by Chez Jose, a little sandwich and pastry shop that's hard to miss from it's vibrantly painted outside. I've passed by this shop many times before but have never had the chance to actually go in and try it. With the blog in mind, I decided not to keep walking by like I normally do, but instead to walk in, and see what it was all about. The inside is how you would imagine it after seeing the outside - bright colours, not an inch of blank wall space and a very cozy and hip feel to it overall. The restaurant is pretty small and it took a while to get a seat, but once we sat down the service was quick and the food was delicious. Chez Jose is most known for it's variety of fresh fruit juices (I recommend the one called "Vampire" nom nom nom). The rest of the menu is pretty much sandwiches, pastries and empanadas. I decided to go for one of the specials: two empanadas, salad and a small fruit juice (for only 11 bucks!) This time I managed to take a picture before I ate half of the meal (unlike last time...whoops...). I would definitely recommend checking this place out, if the empanadas don't entice you then the fun atmosphere should!

The inside
The Empanadas Here's a link to a map of Chez Jose so that you can see what it's all about!

Friday, 7 October 2011


Hellloooo fellow food fanatics! I am ready to share with you another wonderful food-venture that I went on for my roommate's birthday. Since this is a special birthday-edition food-venture, we strayed away from the grease and grime this time and decided on a place that exuded sophistication and class (just like our 20-year-old selves...)

This a picture of the ceiling! I told you it was cozy
We went to a wondeeerful little italian place in the plateau called Eduardo's (so you know it must be authentic). The atmosphere was as cozy as a snuggie, with christmas lights, stained glass, chunky wood tables and lots of people chattering away. We settled into our table, cracked open our pre-bought wine since it's BYO (miscommunication and we ended up with 6 bottles for 6 of us... whoops!) and night was just lovely. Oh right, and the food? Increderrific! The menu consists of lots of pastas, veal, surf and turf and salads, making decisions hard... but nothing was regretted.

Here are a few pictures I snapped of some of the food scattered on the table. Unfortunately this time I got caught up in the chatter, wine and EATING that I sort of forgot to take them until half of the food was gone. But picture the other half still in tact, and I'm sure it will look as delicious as it tasted.
Half eaten pasta....
Sort of hard to appreciate... but the veal was SO good
The restaurant is small so they don't have a website, but I've linked a map showing you how to get there so you can go and try it out for yourself!